To juice or not to juice- get a little cold-pressed in your life! 

The last few years juicing has really become a thing! Crazy expensive juicers, million day long juice diets, and lots of cleanup! But they are just sooo good!

I was kind enough that a dear friend of mine lent me an old juicer that she was not using anymore back when I decided that I wanted to start making juices. People around me were doing 3,5,10,20 day juice cleanses so I was curious what it was all about! First, can I give a shout out to anyone that has the dedication to stick to a multi day juice cleanse. To be clear, this means juice only for that amount of days…not to mention if you are making it yourself, the amount of cleaning and pulp that includes!! Kudos!
So when I got my hands on this juicer I learned a few things: juicing involved way too much post juicing tidy up, of that I wasn’t a big fan. I also learned that you need a large haul of veggies and fruits in order to extract one mason jar full of liquid and it seemed to never turn out as nice looking as anyone else’s (perhaps the crazy expensive juicer has a purpose 🙂 ) . Lesson I learned? Self juicing, although I thoroughly enjoy the juice itself, was not for me.

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Sweat in Style!

Cute workout clothes. That’s a thing, right? It certainly is for me!

I have always had a thing for shopping in general and specifically for nice, cute and fun purchases. When I have an exciting event coming up, I like to buy a new outfit. There is something about wearing something new that gives you confidence, you get excited to attend the event because you get to wear that new shirt or dress…it makes you feel good! This love for clothing has most definitely transferred over to my love for activewear.

At the beginning of this year, when I made the decision to buckle down and focus more on getting fit again, I thought to myself, “I should get a new workout outfit!”. I knew this would encourage me to get moving- because I will be excited to wear my new crops. To some, this may sound like a big case of vanity, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but let’s just reference back to what I mentioned before. When you wear something that is new, it gives you a little bit of bounce in your step, you feel better… so perhaps there is a chance you might work harder? Just stay with me here, it really does make a difference.

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To Our Hero, on Father’s Day

Growing up I always thought about the kind of man I wanted to spend my life with. I wanted to spend it with someone who valued me, someone who loved me and someone who was an honest man. There were also things I thought about, like wanting to be with someone who was good looking, someone taller than me, the superficial stuff.  I am now realising though, that some of the things I never gave much thought to then, are a large part of the things that create a lot of happiness for me now.
So today, on Fathers Day, I wanted make this post about a big happiness in my life (because this blog of course is about life’s bliss too). Here’s some of the things I never thought about back then, things that I have now, and things I am truly grateful for.
I have a man who is an excellent father to our daughter, and I know without a shadow of a doubt he would do anything for her. He’s not afraid to be goofy and make a complete fool of himself because it makes us laugh and that gives him great joy. I have a man who encourages me to take care of myself and do things that make me happy- like being active, pursuing this blog, and other self care things that keep me sane. He gives me breaks from being a mother when I have no more patience for the demands of a toddler. I also have a man who when things get tough (and I ain’t going to sit here and tell you they don’t) he’s willing to talk it out and communicate. He listens to what’s our relationship needs and he does his best to try and make it better. He does all of these things, because he truly cares about our family, our marriage and our forever.

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Being a father is tough, sometimes just as tough as being a mother, and I feel like dad’s don’t get enough credit.

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Crock Pots and Cookbooks!

Two staples that I could not live without: a crock pot and a few solid cookbooks.

There is nothing that I despise more than finishing a long day of work, picking up Clara and then having to think on the fly about what I am going to make for dinner. This would be the time when I would think of something quick, that generally would not fall under the “healthy” nor “balanced” categories. It was a lot easier to eat something that required less effort and was less healthy when it was just the two of us. Now that we have our daughter, a little extra planning needs to go into it because I like to make sure that most of the meals I serve are wholesome and good for her little growing body!

I have not always been a big fan of cooking.

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Setting Goals and Making them Happen!

Setting Goals

We all have things that we want out of life, places we want to go, careers we’d like to have, people we want to be and lives we want to live. Far too often, we look around at others reaching their aspirations and wish we could be where they are. Well, great news… you can be!

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It all starts here

Welcome to my blog! I am grateful that you took the time to visit the space where I plan to share my journey. One of my biggest satisfactions is knowing that I have a positive impact on someone to make a change in their life- to live healthier and be happy. To inspire others is something that brings me joy.

This blog will be a little bit of everything that is me and my journey, designed to help you on your own- health, food, and life as I see it. Life is crazy, beautiful, messy and fun. And if you take the time to become knowledgeable on living well, eating well, being more mindful and present in your food choices, staying active, living with BALANCE and loving yourself completely and without judgement (which let’s be real, we all need to work on)- I feel that we would all have a great sense of happiness.

Be Happy.