To Our Hero, on Father’s Day

Growing up I always thought about the kind of man I wanted to spend my life with. I wanted to spend it with someone who valued me, someone who loved me and someone who was an honest man. There were also things I thought about, like wanting to be with someone who was good looking, someone taller than me, the superficial stuff.  I am now realising though, that some of the things I never gave much thought to then, are a large part of the things that create a lot of happiness for me now.
So today, on Fathers Day, I wanted make this post about a big happiness in my life (because this blog of course is about life’s bliss too). Here’s some of the things I never thought about back then, things that I have now, and things I am truly grateful for.
I have a man who is an excellent father to our daughter, and I know without a shadow of a doubt he would do anything for her. He’s not afraid to be goofy and make a complete fool of himself because it makes us laugh and that gives him great joy. I have a man who encourages me to take care of myself and do things that make me happy- like being active, pursuing this blog, and other self care things that keep me sane. He gives me breaks from being a mother when I have no more patience for the demands of a toddler. I also have a man who when things get tough (and I ain’t going to sit here and tell you they don’t) he’s willing to talk it out and communicate. He listens to what’s our relationship needs and he does his best to try and make it better. He does all of these things, because he truly cares about our family, our marriage and our forever.

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Being a father is tough, sometimes just as tough as being a mother, and I feel like dad’s don’t get enough credit.

They are called babysitters (which makes no sense to me because they are the other parent). During the first year of baby’s life, mom is at home all day with the baby, which is a hard feat, but when dad’s get home- mom’s want a break. I admit that I was guilty of this too, it’s hard spending a whole day at home, by yourself, being on your game all day with a small little human that you are still just figuring out! But we forget that dad’s were out all day- in my darling’s case, out all day in the blistering heat some days, doing serious manual labour. And then when he would get home it would be like, “Okay I’m going to go do this..” or “Alright, it’s your turn now.”. When do they get the chance to have a little break.

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In our house- it is very much 50-50, and I am very fortunate to be able to say that. In the beginning stages, he was up every time was the newborn, as she got older, he did just as many baths and changes and bedtimes as I did. He, quite honestly, is a lot more fun than me at bath time. He sits on the floor beside the tub, blows bubbles in the water with her and lets her wet his hair as he hangs it over the side of the bath (I have never done that lol). And now that Clara loves to sing songs before bed- he has made up as many ridiculous songs as I have made up about all her favourite foods. He has waaaay more patience than I do, and I am grateful for all of these qualities that he has, all these qualities that I never even considered I wanted in my husband.

On this special day, so he could wear it proud, we got him a ‘FATHER’ baseball T from Hart +Honey Tees. This amazing man, is also an amazing dad, and on Father’s Day and every day, he should be getting just a little more credit.


Give some extra love to all the dads in your world today, because they deserve it.

Hugs and Kisses,


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