Sweat in Style!

Cute workout clothes. That’s a thing, right? It certainly is for me!

I have always had a thing for shopping in general and specifically for nice, cute and fun purchases. When I have an exciting event coming up, I like to buy a new outfit. There is something about wearing something new that gives you confidence, you get excited to attend the event because you get to wear that new shirt or dress…it makes you feel good! This love for clothing has most definitely transferred over to my love for activewear.

At the beginning of this year, when I made the decision to buckle down and focus more on getting fit again, I thought to myself, “I should get a new workout outfit!”. I knew this would encourage me to get moving- because I will be excited to wear my new crops. To some, this may sound like a big case of vanity, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but let’s just reference back to what I mentioned before. When you wear something that is new, it gives you a little bit of bounce in your step, you feel better… so perhaps there is a chance you might work harder? Just stay with me here, it really does make a difference.

I think there is something to be said with regards to how you feel about how you look, and how that translates into your drive during your run, fitness class, bike, circuit, whatever your workout of choice might be.

Often when I set a fitness goal for myself, I work hard, stay dedicated and reach that goal, I like to give myself a little bit of a reward. Sometimes for people this might be a cheat meal (although I strongly suggest not using food as a reward because it can fuel an already unhealthy relationship with food). So what kind of other things can you use instead? Recently after I completed my 90 day BBM challenge, I gifted myself a Garmin VivoActive Smart Watch. Something that would further encourage my fitness and keep me dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. And I tell you, throughout that challenge, when I was lacking motivation for the day to get the workout completed, I would remember what was waiting for me at the end, that thing that I needed to work for. Here is where I propose the ‘cute workout clothes’. After you have worked hard and are feeling great, if you enjoy shopping, why not reward yourself with a new top, or pair of pants (especially if you’ve shredded some inches! 😊 )

There are a lot of great kinds of active wear out there.

LuluLemon High Rise Wunder Under Pants are one of my favourites! That being said, with the frequency that I like to buy fitness wear (sorry hubs), stylish, durable and affordable is more my cup of tea. My favourite go to places are Old Navy Active Wear and GapFit. They have really nice stuff and the price is always right. I am a huge bargain shopper so I am always looking for things on sale. I never pay for anything for full price when I shop at either of these places.

Recently I bought a few shirts from Old Navy as well as a pair of pants and then another couple of crop pants from GapFit. Lastly, also featured in my previous post, Hart + Honey Tees have some very affordable tanks, that make perfect workout wear, to look good while you’re doing it! I also stocked up from them!

Old Navy Clothes

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So in case you are not already motivated to workout because of how great it is for your health, your cardiovascular system, your mental health, reducing stress, your overall well-being and all those other awesome reasons, then get out there, buy yourself a new outfit and get sweating!

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