To juice or not to juice- get a little cold-pressed in your life! 

The last few years juicing has really become a thing! Crazy expensive juicers, million day long juice diets, and lots of cleanup! But they are just sooo good!

I was kind enough that a dear friend of mine lent me an old juicer that she was not using anymore back when I decided that I wanted to start making juices. People around me were doing 3,5,10,20 day juice cleanses so I was curious what it was all about! First, can I give a shout out to anyone that has the dedication to stick to a multi day juice cleanse. To be clear, this means juice only for that amount of days…not to mention if you are making it yourself, the amount of cleaning and pulp that includes!! Kudos!
So when I got my hands on this juicer I learned a few things: juicing involved way too much post juicing tidy up, of that I wasn’t a big fan. I also learned that you need a large haul of veggies and fruits in order to extract one mason jar full of liquid and it seemed to never turn out as nice looking as anyone else’s (perhaps the crazy expensive juicer has a purpose 🙂 ) . Lesson I learned? Self juicing, although I thoroughly enjoy the juice itself, was not for me.

Now, back to, to juice or not to juice. You will hear a lot of mixed reviews about the pros and cons to cleanses. I can only share with you my opinion for myself. Going for many consecutive days without consuming food to me is not something that I would ever do. I think it’s important to eat and chew your foods, to get a complete and wholesome days worth of food and nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. Not eating for 10 days- doesn’t sit well with me.
However! I absolutely 100% adore drinking juice as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I think that juices have an amazing way of giving you so many nutrients and tons of  good things in that one little bottle. The kinds of things that day to day you might not even get into your diet organically if it weren’t for juice. Turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, beets, veggies galore and so many fruits! I honestly don’t think there is a juice that I have tried that I do not like.
In the downtown here, there is an amazing shop that does all of the work for you so that you can conveniently get the nutrition that your body craves without having to spend the time cleaning up afterwards!  juice 4.jpg

Good Vibes Juice Co. is what they’re called and good vibes are all I ever get from them! I love popping by the shop and picking up juice! And on top of it being awesome for your body, the bottles they come in are so pretty (that’s just an added bonus for my lover of pretty things personality). I have always gotten my juice from them and would totally recommend it to anyone!

I’m lucky enough to be able to partner with them for this post and anyone who goes into the shop and mentions this blog will get 10% off their purchase! For those of you who are local to the KW area and want to order online, be sure to use the promo code “bliss” when you check out to get the 10% online!



So in summary- cleanses are not for me, but making the effort to often include fresh pressed juices into your balanced life of exercise and nutrition is absolutely on my live well list!
Happy Juicing!!
Hugs and Kisses,

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