Healthy Minds make Healthy Bodies

A couple of weeks ago I was featured on a blog. This blog covers various issues and topics in our society. She was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to write a post for her readers.  It received a lot of positive feedback! And many of her readers wrote about how it inspired them, so she has given me permission to share it back with my readers 🙂 Thank you again to Shamylah for the opportunity to spread the knowledge about what getting fit really means, and how it really is a complete approach.

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Getting fit and being happy. Often people believe that these two things go hand in hand. When you hear the term ‘getting fit’, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For a lot of people, it means being skinny, being slim, or looking toned. Now there is nothing wrong with all those things, in fact they are all positives and can contribute to the feeling of happiness, but I want you to know that these things are not what happiness is all about. They are not completely what being fit is all about. Getting fit is just a small part of achieving complete happiness. I am not going to sit here and claim to know everything about being happy, losing weight and living well, but I have however gained a lot of insights on my journey that I want to share, to inspire others to be happy.

For some people, being skinnier (I really hate the word skinny, as there are all different shapes and sizes and curvy can be healthy too!) being thinner is important to them, it will give them happiness. But you must know it is about more than that. Working out is incredibly good for your body! It does wonders for your cardiovascular system, it helps to enhance and strengthen your bones, it enables you to build muscle. Eating well and staying hydrated does not only help you to lose weight too, but whole foods nourish your organs. It is good for your digestion, it is good for your skin, it helps with fatigue and cognitive function and productivity. These two things take care of the one body that you have in this life. They keep you balanced. They are amazing for helping you to achieve happiness, but alone, these will not do it.

Your mind needs to be healthy. You need to take care of yourself in other ways too. Do things that make you smile and laugh, have fulfilling friendships, grow your knowledge by reading and educating yourself. Appreciate the small things in life and be grateful for what you have, even if it’s not a lot. Positivity can go a long way. You should truly and completely love yourself, believe that you have value and that you are worth it. You must give yourself grace and not hold yourself up to such a high standard where you are not allowed to fail. Acknowledge that sometimes we do fall, and sometimes we have off days, and that’s ok because we are human. If your goal is to lose weight, you will never truly succeed if you don’t possess value in you, and a belief that you deserve it.

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. Surround yourself with positivity, however that feels right to you. Take small steps everyday to feel balanced. Make the changes you want to make, set measurable goals for yourself and you will achieve happiness. It will not happen overnight, and you will have setbacks because life is a roller coaster, but I promise if you stay committed and dedicated to yourself, it will spark something within you to maintain your own journey to balance and happiness.

What does being fit and happy mean to you?

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