BeachBody on Demand was a game changer

I have always been looking for a way to get an effective workout in fast. As much as I enjoy working out and the sweat while doing it, I don’t really have the time, nor do I wanted to spend the time working out for multiple hours. Now more than ever, with being a mom and having all the responsibilities that come along with that while maintaining a house and having a life, truthfully it does not leave a whole lot of time to devote to working out.

I am fortunate enough that with my job, I am able to use my lunch hour to get a workout in which allows me to have the whole evening to spend doing other things and spending time with my husband (I am not a morning, person, I have tried, believe me, but I just cannot get into working out in the morning so that is out of the question for me) but my lunch break is only a half hour so that really does not leave me a lot of time to spend on long sets and time consuming workouts. This is where Beach Body on Demand (BOD) comes in!

I will be the first to admit that I was a bit sceptical of it when I first heard about the portal. Personal choice, I am not a big fan of very ‘sales-ey’ kind of products and series. It usually turns me right off, so when a few social media coaches reached out to me about signing up and using the free 30-day trial, I was not interested in entertaining the idea. I had also heard radio ads about it, and again, somehow I conjured it up in my head that it was a gimmick. It really was quite judgey of me because boy was I wrong!!

Now I am not talking about the whole beach body coaches and Shakeology thing because I knew that part was not for me. But I am giving serious shout outs and praise to the online portal that gives you access to 100’s of workouts right at your fingertips!

Before this year, I was never the kind of person who was able to stick to any workout routine at home, I was just not motivated, I would never do it! I needed to have somewhere to go like the gym or a class that I paid for and couldn’t miss, in order to get the burn. This year, something in me switched. I was using that as an excuse. I had been paying 50$ a month for a membership that I was never using. And I realized that the time that it took for me to travel to the gym and back home again, was when I could be getting it done in my basement. I was able to save so much time! Also, I had spent the last 3 months committed to and had completed a free 90 day at home workout program, so I had confidence in my motivation to pay for something. Let me tell you, working out at home is the bomb!

So, the game changer, BeachBody on Demand. I will share with you what I know and love only from the perspective of a loyal customer!


Cost- All Access Pass is 99.95 for the year! A one time cost … I was paying 50$ a month for the gym.. Times 12…you do the math. Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner, oh wait, they did and I judged before I researched.

Length of workouts- This is the beauty part, you get to pick! You can pick the workouts based on the duration of time to have to dedicate to it. And with the caliber of workouts that they have on there (they have all levels) you can get a good sweat on in 30 minutes or less.

Workouts- Ok like literally everything!! Dancing, pilates, serious muscles training,  21 Day Fixes (which really helped me over my weight loss hump), tons of varieties of yoga (I love Vytas’ yoga), PiYo (which is a great lower impact combination of yoga and Pilates that is sweaty and sneaky sore the next day), crazy cardio (Shaun T is both insane and a genius) and all of these workouts that I mentioned, that are mostly my faves, are 30 mins and under.

How it Works- You can use it however you want to. You can log in on any given day and chose to do the workout of the day or the “Challenge de Jour” or you can pre select a program and work through that. There are 21,30,60 and 90 day programs all that come with printable workout calendars and other program material like nutritional support to help you be successful on your journey! You can also have access to getting a coach if you want, but I did not go that route.

Convenience- I have the app on my tv, on my iPad, and my phone- so it is with me where ever I may want it. No excuses 🙂
There you have it, my complete review of BeachBody on Demand- I hope I have changed the view of someone who like me, may have made their own opinions about it without knowing that it was really about. It’s a wonderful tool for someone who is short on time and wants to have the chance to have great workouts at their disposal and really make some changes towards whatever your journey and goals are. Each person is so unique and this Netflix of workouts gives you the option to choose what is going to be best for you.

Get moving!

Hugs and Kisses,


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