4 Easy Ways to Clean up Your Nutrition

Most of us are looking for ways we can be more healthy, but making radical dietary changes seems like an imaginable feat for some, and this can leave you discouraged to not make any changes at all. I would agree, giving your eating an entire overhaul can be a lot of work (though totally worth it, and I think it’s important you explore that too for your long term health overall!) You need be thoughtful about everything you are preparing and make sure it’s in alignment with the new plan, and in time all this becomes second nature. But if you are feeling like you don’t have the time to spend on a total overhaul, here are a few things you can do right now to make your day-to-day healthier to take care of your body.

What are they?

How to Become a Mom without Losing Your Identity

I often get people asking me how I find the time for myself while raising a toddler, working full time, taking care of a home, and spending time with my husband, family and friends.

Truth is, it isn’t always as easy as it looks. And often, I don’t feel like I have the time to do it all. I still feel all of those normal feelings like guilt, or feeling like I should be doing something else. So how do I do it?

Find out how!

Knowledge is Power- You are what you read

If you ask my husband- when I get an idea that I am excited about, he will tell you that I need to do it right away. I am generally anticipating it way to much and cannot wait!! Perhaps that is what they call impatience, but when I am so passionate about something I can’t help it! I am one of those people that when I set my mind to something, I go all in. I live it, I breathe it, it is often on my mind and I will happily share with those around me.

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Do things that scare you- it makes you feel alive! 

We all have different comfort levels. That’s the beauty of each individuals uniqueness. Different interest, different tolerances, different goals. Most people have a Bucket list- things they would like to accomplish throughout their lives. Bucket lists can sometimes include some pretty exhilarating things. Skydiving, hot air balloon rides, running a marathon. Some of us have concrete plans of accomplishing these things, and others are held back because of fear.  Fear is a negative emotion. It keeps us down, it prevents us from breaking out of our shell, it places limits on what we think we can do. It keeps us small and it keeps us trapped.

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