Do things that scare you- it makes you feel alive! 

We all have different comfort levels. That’s the beauty of each individuals uniqueness. Different interest, different tolerances, different goals. Most people have a Bucket list- things they would like to accomplish throughout their lives. Bucket lists can sometimes include some pretty exhilarating things. Skydiving, hot air balloon rides, running a marathon. Some of us have concrete plans of accomplishing these things, and others are held back because of fear.  Fear is a negative emotion. It keeps us down, it prevents us from breaking out of our shell, it places limits on what we think we can do. It keeps us small and it keeps us trapped.

Part of happiness and life’s bliss is feeling alive! Feeling free, like we can conquer anything that we want to. I challenge you to do something that scares you to make you feel awoken! These things don’t have to be big things. As I mentioned before we are all different, with different goals and aspirations. Maybe you have always wanted to run a 5 km race, but you’ve held yourself back because you don’t think you can do it. I say you can!

Earlier this year I heard about a 5 km race which includes 25 obstacles. It’s called Rugged Maniac.  These obstacles included jumping over fire, crawling through mud, climbing over walls, swinging over trenches. Pretty intimidating stuff. I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’ve completed one but I have always been too scared to try. This time I didn’t allow that fear to rule my choice. “How awesome is it going to feel after that race is done” “How great will it be to get that medal placed around my neck, a physical sign of my accomplishment”.


Weeks leading up to the race, even right up to waiting at the starting line- my nerves were high, but I didn’t allow myself another option. And guess what, I completed it! I did something that really scared me and I made it! I spent a lot of the course engaging in self talk. My mind was getting in the way of me getting to the finish line. But I did not let it stop me and I pushed forward no matter how exhausted I was ( I even reference to my husband that this felt harder than childbirth!) I walked quite a bit between obstacles, and it took us close to an hour and a half- but I finished! And I sure felt alive!! I was elated. I have never accomplished anything like this before.

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So think about what you have always wanted to do, and I challenge you, write it out below. Make a plan and crush that goal. You will see things in yourself that you never thought were there. It creates a new love for yourself, knowing that you have the strength to push past your limits.

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