What is Balance- How to Achieve it

I’ve noticed that balance is a word people are using more and more when it comes to their daily lives and how they make it all work.  Balance is also a term often associated with diet and weight loss. But it is about so much more than that too! I wanted to share a little bit with you about why balance is so such a huge part of how I live my day to day, and how it keeps me in check with myself.

So, balance, when it comes to food and dieting. I don’t really like using the word “diet” because it’s about a lifestyle right, but for arguments and clarity sake, let’s use diet. Being on a diet is hard work- planning, prepping, thinking, making the right choices… sometimes we just need a break. We need to have balance. For me, as a craving arises I acknowledge it and think, “when was the last time I had this craving? Do I need to fulfill it today, or can it wait until tomorrow or the weekend” (and which point the craving may pass and you won’t even want it anymore) “Is there something I could have instead that’s a healthier alternative that will give me the same satisfaction?” These are all questions I ask myself, and the reason being is because yes healthy eating is about balance, but in order to live well, you should be fueling your body with goodness a large majority of the time, and these “balance” cheats should be on a limited basis. Now back to these questions, so if I really want to have it, then I do.. but the other point I am trying to make here is to not just put things into your body completely without thought. You have to be mindful and present in your food decisions so you can make conscious decisions.
Balance for me extends beyond food and into every facet of my life. I know that moving on the daily is good for my health and good for my body, but if I am really not feeling it or if my body is asking for rest- I balance the movement with being still.  In terms of every other facet, if I don’t get enough rest, I don’t feel like myself. When I don’t see my friends and my family enough, I feel out of sync. Think of it as a balancing scale- if you are too heavily weighted on one side, it is out of balance and not steady.balance-wheel.png

A fellow wellness warrior and friend of mine shared this picture on her feed a couple of months ago and I really liked it. It represents all different aspects of your life. And it challenges you to look at each area, and rate how you feel each section is. In order to feel balanced, its vital that you spend time nurturing each area of your life to achieve living holistically. Take a moment to rate each area for yourself and see where you might be to be putting more focus. If you feel that there are areas that are lacking, do you notice it has an effect on who you feel?

I named my blog Balance + Bliss because of the priority balance has becoming in my everyday life, I know how pivotal it is for me to achieve the wellness that I strive for. And I want each of you to find what each area means to you and practice this as part of your own wellness.

Hugs and Kisses,


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