2017 was my biggest year- Will 2018 be yours?

With the last few days of 2017 upon us (I honestly cannot believe how fast the last few months flew by!) I have been spending a lot of time planning all my goals for 2018, but I have also spent some time reflecting on the goals I have accomplished in 2017.

Everyone, including myself, always starting off the year with big goals to accomplish. If I think back to all the new years resolutions that I have had, I have NEVER had the kind of success I had this past year. And I am so proud to say it was all because of me! I want to recap some of them with you because I want you to know and feel like anything is possible for you, if you just set your mind to it. Not only that, but by working towards the things that you set out to do, you may discover a whole new direction for yourself you hadn’t even considered before!

December 31st, 2016. I was 20 pounds heavier and feeling in a slump with my fitness and health. I knew how good I could feel but I was having a hard time getting back into the groove. Bikini Body Mommy was launching a new, free 90 Day Challenge (She is doing another one for 2018- if you are looking for a free way to get into shape. Her workouts are only between 20-30 minutes long, and you can access them for free when you sign up for her site here). I created an accountability group for this.  A free group where people could check in about their workouts and create a sense of community to make it through the 90 days. I also encouraged co-workers to join in on the challenge. I wanted to create a community around me where I would be sure to succeed. I was worried that as the challenge continued, I would lose motivation, and I knew that if I had others around me I would be more likely to see the 90 Days through. Fake it until you make it.bbm transformation

Fast forward 90 Days, I made it through! I saw some changes in my body, big time! I was surprised! And though the number on the scale didn’t really move that much, I could visibly see my body changing.

In April, through a good friend of mine I discovered Beach Body on Demand. If you didn’t read my blog post about how amazing it is, have a read HERE. My next challenge was going to be the 21 Day Fix. I wanted to shed some pounds, and I figured.. it’s 21 Days. I can commit to less than a month. Let’s do it and see what happens! That next challenge led me to losing 8 pounds, and really increased my physical strength. But bigger changes were happening in my mentality, motivation and outlook on my life journey.


I started having feeling like I had control over my eating, and my fitness. I discovered my love for motivating others. This love has given me the desire to help other people change their lives, and accomplish their health and fitness goals so that they can live the best versions of themselves. I am enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach certification so one day I can build a career helping others. I am a social worker by education already, so helping others has always been a passion of mine, but I am going to be veering on a different helping path.

All of this started from a goal in December 2016 to simply make it through the 90 days of a workout challenge. And as I sit here on December 29th, of 2017, I feel like a completely different person. I don’t feel as lost as I did. I have done so much more self growth than I ever thought I would. I went through some of the hardest things I have yet to date, and somehow (I think because of the internal strength I found again) have come out on the other side feeling more focused, determined and committed to my health and well being. I spent a lot of time working on me, and though it wasn’t always easy to take the time, I made it a priority.

So, as we approach a new year, which signifies a new beginning, think about what you long for. What gets you down, in any aspect of your life and how can you make steps to work towards it. Share with me what you want, speak your desires out loud. Make yourself accountable to someone, and maybe you can make the biggest change of your life in 2018. Feel the freedom and self love you can achieve from taking control of your own life.


Hugs and Kisses,

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  1. Hi Andrea …LOVE your positive new healthy outlook to life. You know so much I’m just wanting to know if you know what I can do and eat to get rid of inflammation?

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