Express Gratitude for The Simple Things


It has been a whirlwind of a January.

To start the year, I lost my grandfather. One of the most selfless people I have ever known. We were close him and I. My Opa was someone to look up to. He was kind and mentoring to all us grandchildren. He was always the mediator for as long as I can remember. Always encouraging us to be the best we could be, and to be kind to others… always telling us that he loved us. He was the glue that kept our family together, and I was feeling a huge loss. He was now free to join my Oma, who had passed when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Just after, I was struck with a serious blast of influenza. What started as fever and chill and exhaustion, turned into sinus pressure and a nasty cough, paired with more exhaustion. On the 10th day of riding out the sickness,

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7 Days of Vegan Dinners

Well that was an awesome week!!

In November of last year, a co-worker of mine asked if I had ever considered trying out a vegan diet and them sharing ig with you all. My first thought was I’m not sure too many people would be interested in hearing how that went. However; then I thought about it more and I thought perhaps it would be cool as a chance to try out some different recipes and then share them after. So, I did a Instagram poll to find out if people would infact be interested and low and behold, huge feedback saying “Yes, do it!”.

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Weight Loss Resolutions- What’s underneath them?

You hear me talk a lot about self love and having a healthy lifestyle, and I truly do live and breathe those mantras. I believe in loving yourself and accepting who you are, flaws and all- will help you on the road to the goals you have for yourself.

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