Weight Loss Resolutions- What’s underneath them?

You hear me talk a lot about self love and having a healthy lifestyle, and I truly do live and breathe those mantras. I believe in loving yourself and accepting who you are, flaws and all- will help you on the road to the goals you have for yourself.

Now that we are full swing into the New Year I have started putting some of my goals into action. I made quite a list of goals to accomplish, some heftier than others, but I was really mindful about making a goal specific to losing xx amount of weight. There is more to self growth than how much you weigh.

Here’s a little peek of some of the things I plan to work on for 2018:

So here’s why I discourage you from making your goal simply about losing weight. Often times we tie our confidence to the number on the scale and the way we look- as if that gives some sort of merit to how much we can value ourselves and how much happiness we will have. Truth is, you could lose 100 pounds, and be in the best shape you have ever been.. and still feel the same on the inside.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with a weight loss goal (in fact, I am in a weight loss challenge right now), but I encourage you to reflect on why you have that goal…if you have that goal because you want to be healthier great! Losing weight is still a lofty and vague goal, so try and break it down into specific and more measurable goals. If you are looking for easy changes to make you more healthy check out my blog post of those things here. Now on the other hand, if you weight loss goal is because you think by losing the weight you will be happier, or more confident, or more attractive. You are setting yourself up to fail. You will never find what you are looking for when you are 20, 30, 40 pounds lighter. You need to build up confidence and value in other ways. Learn to love yourself. I promise you when you start doing that, your views of how you take care of yourself will change and I hope that is when you find the happiness you are looking for.



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