My First Giveaway!

I am really excited to share with you a giveaway I have been running this week on my social media! If you don’t already follow my Instagram and Facebook pages, head on over and give them a like to find the giveaway! (Links in the sidebar 🙂 )

I am a very firm believer in only sharing and promoting things I love myself or that I have used. This maintains my authenticity as well as the trust that people have in me. If I am sharing something for you to try, you can be assured I have used it or I have a interest in it and is something I would use on myself or my family! That’s just how I roll 🙂

This is my first giveaway so it’s kind of a big deal to me! I am excited for whoever wins this because it’s like I get to share a little piece of me with them! In a time where social media and online relationships are so common, I feel there is even more value in the personal connection.

For this I have partnered with a friend of mine over Curate Wellness who specializes in Essential Oils and natural living has graciously provided me with a motivating oil as part of it. The oil is called Envision. Envision Essential Oil is a blend designed to awaken and inspire your dreams and goals. It will help release the fear of moving forward if you feel stuck and embrace a new vision of your future. If you want help with procrastination and motivation; and if you want to expel negative emotions and emotional blocks then Envision essential oil could be for you. It also gets us out of that left brain mentality and opens the randomness of the right brain where creativity and intuition flow. Elevate your mind, bring balance to your emotions and move forward towards your goals with Envision essential oil

Additionally, I am giving away one of my favourite books, “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. After reading this book I felt empowered and self motivated to make changes I had been wanting to make for a while. Lastly, a recipe for and all the ingredients to a trail mix recipe I created called a ‘Power Mix’.


The giveaway will be closing on Saturday April 22nd at noon. I will be announcing the winner on Sunday April 23rd. You still have time to enter so head on over and follow the qualifications!

Good Luck!

Hugs and Kisses,

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