6 Fitness Tips

Staying active, consistently, is something we can struggle with. It can be the easiest thing to push aside when life gets busy, I know I am guilty of that at times. I put together this post to inspire you to put more focus on your fitness and help motivate you to reach your goals! Moving your body and being active is a form of self care, and I want you to take care of yourself, so read on and hopefully this help you to start this week!

Plan Your Workouts- You need to plan workouts as part of your schedule like anything else. Write them down as you would a meeting and make the commitment to get it done! I have heard early mornings are the best times to get it done! (If you know me, you will know I am not a morning person, maybe one day I will write a blog for myself on how to become a morning person, hahaha!)

Be consistent- It takes 21 days to make a habit, so decide a consistent day to workout ( ie. Mon, Wed, Fri) and then keep doing that. Soon it will just become part of what you do!

Find Something You Love- Fortunately there are tons of ways to get active, and get the heart pumping and what is fun for some people might not appeal to others. If you are doing something you do not enjoy, chances are you will dread doing it. Try out different things until you find something that gets you excited, and then keep doing it! For me, I really enjoy at home workouts, they are both convenient and I am also a HUGE fan of Beach Body on Demand which gives me so many variety options for my workouts.

Focus on How it Benefits You- There are so many reasons working out is amazing for you. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes when you’re in it, it’s tough, or to even get started can be a chore… But no one has ever said after a workout, “Gosh I wish I didn’t do that”.

Music- Music is life, and if you don’t have good tunes to get you through, what do you have! Some of my favourite music to workout to is hardcore hip hop (who knew?) and EDM

Outfit- Let’s be real, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you are in a better frame of mind. It might sound silly, but it really works! How do you feel putting on a great workout top or pants that you’re looking forward to wearing?! And make sure what you’re buying is comfortable. There’s nothing worse than tugging and pulling at your clothes during a workout.


Most of my workout wear comes from Old Navy. They have some awesome stuff if you haven’t checked them out. They are affordable and also super comfortable, both a must!

I hope that you feel motivate to get moving!

Hugs and Kisses,

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