Grocery Shopping Guide

Hey Y’all! Hope you enjoyed this past weekend. Here in Southern Ontario it was hot and sunny.

Sundays are supposed to be grocery shopping and meal prep days, but when it’s almost 30 degrees C and you get an invite to lounge by the pool… Groceries can wait! Fortunately later last night while my daughter was in the bath, I was able to get our weekly haul ordered online and will pick it up from the store on my way home.

I saw something on the web that got me thinking about grocery shopping, and healthy grocery shopping more specifically. How do you ensure that what you put in your cart is going to be healthy for your family to consume? What are some easy ways to make sure you are always buying good quality products. So I thought today for you I would put together a list of tips to shop like a health pro!

Meal Plan and Have a List.

The extension of this tip is to stick to your list.

If you preplan your meals, you can plan for balanced, whole foods. Then once you get to the store, you will stick to your list and buy those items only.

Stick to the Outer Aisles.

Shopping around the outside of the stores ensures freshness and more natural. Other than the organic aisle and a few other products, once you get into the middle, you start to run into processed, less whole items.

Don’t Buy things with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Whole natural foods don’t have have hard to pronounce names. Stick to those things because chances are if you can’t say it, it’s likely the scientific names of the chemicals from the lab.

Shop Natural, local and organic.

Whenever possible if you can swap out something you are purchasing with a more natural or organic option, do it! Everything, Mac and cheese (there’s a great healthy brand called Annie’s), popcorn (Pur has a delicious, super low calorie kind), vegetables, fruits, even spices and baking soda. In order to have the organic stamp on their boxes they must contain must contain only organically produced ingredients and processing aids, excluding water and salt. No other ingredients or additives are permitted. So by making that choice, you’re guaranteed safe!

Hope this has been helpful, try it next time you set out to do your food shopping!

Hugs and Kisses,

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