Essential Oils: The Truth in the Trend

I started using oils regularly in my home early on in this year, and have been reaping the benefits ever since! I’ve always enjoyed scents like lavender, peppermint, frankincense, but I hadn’t really been educated on using them or the super powers that they hold!

I wanted to write a post about oils because, well,  they seem to be very ‘trendy’ right now, but there is a lot of truth in this trends. More than ever, people are interested in exploring holistic, and more natural methods of prevention and healing, so naturally, there is an increased exposure to nature’s medicine.

My journey with oils started with a desire to have an option to combat my anxiety. I am a big advocate for natural wellness, so for me it just made sense. If there has a way to bring some peace and release to my anxious feelings, to combat my hormones and provide some serious aromatherapy I was up for it!

Fast forward almost a year, and I want EVERYONE to know about what they can do, and how our lives have changed because of it. I want everyone to have oils.

We use them DAILY. Here are some ways that I use them at home, and when I say I use them, it has become a part of our everyday that it is just natural!

  1. First off, we diffuse every night. We have one in our bedroom and my daughter has one in hers, usually something that includes lavender which helps us all to get better and deeper sleeps. You can also make a pretty sweet spray for your pillow while you’re on the road without a diffuser!
  2. Do you struggle with bloating and constipation at times? Bloating and irregularity has always been a struggle for me (maybe you’re thinking ok Andrea, TMI, but listen, more people live with it than you think, and are looking for a natural way to support their system!), Digize has been a GAME CHANGER! I rub it on my lower abdomen after a meal or if I am just feeling bloated and it is guaranteed to get things moving!
  3. Boosting our immune system! You can’t escape the germs of the world, and nothing is worse than being sick. Cue Thieves! We rub this immune support on our spines every morning, diffuse it a couple times a week (especially now because its fall), and it also makes a mean cup of heart warming tea! By doing this I have boosted my system so much and made it so resilient, I have not been sick since January!
  4. For the mammas-  hormones! New and toddler moms, you know what I am talking about. The serious changes we go through during pregnancy and nursing, then weening ain’t no joke! I had been feeling so out of whack and all over the place before I started using this hormone/ endocrine system support oil. Now, by rubbing this on my thyroid and wrist a couple times a day (literally just carry it in my purse) I feel balanced.
  5. Lemon Detox Water! I often drop essential oils into my water to reap the liver detoxifying benefits of lemon, on the go! ( If you do this, use a glass bottle or cup only and include a pinch of salt, so your oil has something to bind to!)

The list goes on! But these plants are such healers and we need to be using them more! I am still learning so much about them and I continue to be amazed what they do for us. I carry a lot of rollers around that I have made for certain things and this way they are always on hand when I need the boost!


I exclusively use Young Living oils. Reason being, if I am making the decision to use natural ways of healing and no chemicals, Young Living is the option I trust. Their oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, no synthetic fillers. The oils you buy in the store can have as little at 5% purity! Young Living is also set apart from all other oils because of their Seed to Seal method. From the seed of the plant to the seal of the bottle, they are completely transparent about their processes and are natural and organic in their distillation. That is why I trust them.

37230155_416000205563712_4716077620918222848_nSo how did I get started? Young Living makes it really simple to get everything you need to start your wellness journey in one shot. They have created the Premium Starter Kit, which includes the 11 everyday commonly used oils in one package to really make an impact on your wellness right out of the gate. If you were to start to build up this oil stock individually, you would be well over $350 spent to get there. That’s why the kit makes the WICKED most sense. For $199 CAN ($160USD) you can get all these oils, plus a free diffuser.

Below is a list of all the oils that come in the kit, and how they will change your wellness!

Stareter Kit Oils

Right now, for the rest of September, you can order your kit for 10% off, the cheapest it will ever be! Plus I want to offer you a little gift to make getting started easier and seamless, so reach out if you want to take yours and your family’s health into your own hands.I would not preach about something that I didn’t feel worked, and could work for you too! Or, just click here to order yours! We have a community of fellow oilers who are just waiting to share all we know with you! I want to be with you every step of the way!

I WANT you to have this for your family, I want you to feel confident knowing that the products you are putting onto and into your body are conducive to your wellness and will only do your body good.

Cant wait to hear from you,


3 thoughts on “Essential Oils: The Truth in the Trend”

    1. Hi Jenny! This is a great question that I often get. Most essential oils are safe for cats and dogs. There are however a few exceptions. When it comes to dogs, I caution around the tea tree oil. Cats, do not have the enzyme to process Citrus oils this would include oils like lemon, orange, tangerine and Citrus Fresh. There are also some Blends out there that includes Citrus oils. These are oils that you can diffuse around cats, but there are few cautions I would suggest. Don’t diffuse them everyday; sporadic exposure does not overload their system. The other suggestion is to diffuse in an area where the animal is able to go away if they want to for example in a large living room area, or if you’re going to diffuse in the bedroom, leave the door open so not us to close in the animal and the smell. Basically what I’m saying is as long as you’re not going to put 10 drops into your diffuser of citrus oil and lock your cat in a room, then they will be okay :-). There are oils that are actually great for pets and can help support them in the same ways that they support our bodies. Please reach out if you have anymore questions! Do you have a dog or a cat?

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