7 Day Detox Review

I’ve been anticipating this post and sharing with you my results from the 7 day detox. I want to preface this by saying my results will be nothing related to the scale, in fact I didn’t even use the scale once on this detox to measure anything. To be, that’s not what detoxing is about, because there are so many more benefits.

Why do we detox?

Our bodies are naturally made up of properties that allow us to be detoxing unwanted elements all day long week, however; due to the society of processed, unhealthy and readily available foods we live in, it can send our body into toxic overload. This means every once and a while, a cleansing and resetting can be really beneficial!

There are so many other benefits to detoxifying, things like increasing your energy, cleansing out your system, decreasing bloating and even some weight loss. It can improve your mood, improve your clarity and improve your immune system.

I’m not talking about a liquid detox either. This one in particular is a whole foods, nutrient rich, salads and soups kinda detox. I love eating full, solid meals, so that’s what is offered as part of this program.

Aside from fact that this is my program, I am also passionate about speaking from a place of authenticity, honesty and always want to share/ promote things I believe in and have tried myself.

That’s why I was excited to give it a test run, so I could speak about it from a place of experience. It’s easy as a practitioner to create a plan to give to others, but it’s a different thing to have tried it yourself.


I really enjoyed my week on the detox last week! I loved having laid out smoothie recipes and meal plans (you know I’m a planner) so that I was able to make and go.
Physically, I had some really positive feelings. Within the first 2 days I was already feeling lighter and less bloated. I felt energized and awake! There was enough food that I didn’t feel hungry, mostly I always felt full (except for one night and I made myself a kale chips snack). I made sure to drink lots of cold water while doing it, and I also include a good amount of herbal tea. I didn’t feel deprived at all and it felt easy to commit to the 7 days because I enjoyed what I was eating!

cauliflower.jpgOne of my favorite recipes in there (there’s a few) is a Cauliflower and Leek soup, which is a hit over here. My daughter Clara ate a lot of the dishes too, so it was a great way for my family to get a mini detox too and is something you could feed to everyone!

When you purchase the program you receive a meal plan with 5 meals a day, an already made grocery list, and a recipe book. A few of the dishes you just whip together what is listed to eat for that day, there’s no real recipe.

Overall, I am definitely going to do it again, and I think it’s a great kick start to any lifestyle change, or even if you just need a little reset.

To find out more about the detox, or to purchase it, click here.

Hugs and Kisses,

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