4 Ways to Stick to your Lifestyle this Holiday

Last year around this time, I shared with you some tips to stay well over the holidays, and I wanted to bring some of those tips back for you.

The indulgence of the season can be very triggering for some people. Our gatherings are largely focused around food and eating. And though this time is meant for relaxing and letting go, it doesn’t mean you need to completely forget the lifestyle you are trying to create for yourself. So, here’s the 4 easy tips to help keep you committed to your goals.

Don’t hang out near the food. You are way more likely to grab finger foods and pop them in your mouth without even thinking if it’s right in front of you. If there’s lots of different goodies you want to try, grab yourself a little plate and sit away from where the food is. If you have to get back up and walk over to get more, you might be less likely to take that second serving.

Plan your indulgences. No one wants to say no to their favourite Christmas treat, I know I don’t. So, you don’t have to! Instead, try thinking about all the parties you’re going to be attending. What sorts of things will there be? If you know there’s a particular snack that you live for over the holidays, save yourself for it and maybe pass up on something else. Me… I can’t resist Christmas bark!

Be active while you’re there. Find a way to include some physical activity into the gathering. Maybe it’s some physical minute to win it games (so you aren’t just sitting and eating). Or perhaps you encourage everyone to bundle up and walk around to look at the lights after Christmas dinner. Whatever it is just find a way to get moving!

Eat more of the good stuff. Often our mentality is don’t eat this or don’t eat that. Just remember to eat more of the good stuff too! If you know you’re going to indulge in a little bit more than usual- have a green smoothie in the morning, eat some extra super foods and drink a bit more water. Like I said, just get more of the good stuff 🙂

Mindfulness. The point of a healthier lifestyle is to always be planning and thinking ahead. Being in tune with your body and being present in the moments. If you’re not hungry don’t eat more. You know your body and you need to honour it over the season of joy and giving. Give it love and treat it right. Stay on track. You will thank yourself and feel empowered when you make good choices that will keep you on track for your goals of healthier living!

I wish you all a safe happy and healthy holiday, from my family to yours.


Hugs and Kisses,


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