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What Season Are You In?

Well hi there!

I know right! Where the heck have I been? It’s been quite a while ( a month or so maybe) since I have written a blog post, so what on earth have I been doing!

Lots of things! All of the things. Time has been flying by. We’re officially almost into spring and I feel like I only just blinked. I have been so busy, but in so many beautiful ways and I can’t wait to share with you.

For starters, we are headed into the 6th consecutive week of my hubby being away for work, and it’s been a ride! Not necessarily a bad one though. It does however mean that after work we have to go right home for the dog, and then once Clara is in bed, I’m then home solo for the rest of the evening. It’s been both incredibly taxing  being the sole person responsible for our family and the household all week, but it’s also been really growing. Not to mention the massive amount of one on one time Clara and I get!

If you’ve been following along this year, you will know one of my personal goals was to be okay with spending more time alone and with myself. So, in true fashion of the universe delivering you the growth opportunities you need, here we are 6 week in to total independence and a one woman show! (That being said, a shout out to my mother and my mother in law is due for being so helpful when I have evening events!)

Great things have been happening for my coaching and Young Living business too! I’ve been piloting a new Lifestyle Transformation Program with a test group of women and it’s going remarkably well! Some pretty significant things are happening for them and I can’t wait to launch the program later this year for you (Stay tuned!)

I’ve been making some really meaningful connections and have been loving every minute of it! Learning about other successful entrepreneurial women and helping other women take their journey to bringing wellness in their homes has been such a blessing!

I’m so grateful for everything that has been happening these last few months and I am not taking anything for granted.

My personal mindset and health has grown tremendously in the last 3 months. Focus on growth, and refocus on health and wellness has helped to carry us through.

Part of the reason I created this blog was to motivate you to live a healthier and more mindful existence, by sharing tips, recipes, busting myths and sharing my wisdom. But I think part of what motivates us is hearing each other’s growth stories, and feeling validated that life can get in the way, priorities can shift and everything will still be okay. Then by taking those stories and empowering ourselves to look inward and reflect on where we can stand we can really start to grow too.

That’s the beauty of life. It’s ebbs, and flows and we are forever moving through different seasons of our lives.

Whatever time you are in right now, whatever is stressing you out, paining you to your core, or whatever is holding you back- it too shall pass.

It’s been great catching up – tell me what you’ve been doing!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

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