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The Power Of Community

Today is Mother’s Day. And I had a beautiful day celebrating with my family and spending time doing the things I enjoy. We played outside, planted trees and shrubs in the backyard and had make your own pizzas! I would say this one is definitely one for the books.

Today was also the last day of the challenge I have been doing. Six weeks ago, I was invited by a fellow coach friend of mine to run through her program with a group of other women. I was so excited for the invitation, as it came at the perfect time for the way things were going in my life. My husband just finished his 2 months away from home and I was feeling a bit scattered. During those two months I was just trying to keep everything at home a float and I was in need of a reset.

The six weeks consisted of weekly meal plans and pre-recorded workout videos to follow along with. These videos were filmed and done by Kim and I loved having her energy along with me. Though these last six weeks didn’t come without their share of setbacks (I got sick for nearly 3 of the weeks with a serious cold, worse than I’ve had in a few years), here are some things that were validated for me when it comes to fitness and eating well.

The Power of Community- There really is something to be said when you’re doing things on your own versus doing something with others. I personally love the idea of being with a group of people (figuratively or literally) and doing the same thing as one another. It creates the feeling of not being alone, and who likes feeling alone all the time!

The Power of Accountability- As a coach, I am so passionate about being that person other people can be accountable to when it comes to their health and wellness goals. I have had clients time and time again tell me that what they have valued the most has always been knowing someone is checking in on their success and helping them along the way. That is something I was reminded I really love as well! Having Kim checking in on me, and knowing she was watching for my workout check ins was so great. I love being that person for my clients that helps to keep them going, and I really enjoyed having it to.

This is a Forever Lifestyle- When you hunker down for a time limited challenge such as this, it’s easy to get focused on the end goal. Lots of women will strive to get through the period of time, only to feel the relief when it’s over to eat the way you did before and not have to workout anymore, but that’s just not the reality of what this is. This way of living should be a lifestyle you adopt forever. And when life ebbs and flows at it will, taking care of your health and your fitness should always be important and a priority.

Overall, these last six weeks were great! I enjoyed switching things up, and having a bit of a more strict schedule and routine to follow, typically I am more free spirited when it comes to what I eat and how I move my body. But the biggest take away is that whatever works for you- schedule or not, it’s important to surround yourself with like minded people, peers and coaches to help keep you on the wellness path!

I hope all you beautiful mother’s out there enjoyed being celebrated and acknowledged for all the amazing things you do for your family.

Hugs and Kisses,