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The Easiest Way to Save on Healthy Foods- Shop Together!

I am super excited to bring this post to you, mainly because it combines two of my very favorite things. Before I shared this with you guys, I wanted to make sure I spent enough time trying it and had really wrapped my head around it, to ensure I’ve done the guesswork for you! So what are these two things? Eating well and saving money!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not often people associate those two things together, and while I love to remind you often that you can eat well and you don’t need to break the bank while doing it and that you can in fact eat clean on a budget, I’m also not above hoping on an opportunity to saving on these things too!

Now before I get into how much I have been enjoying this app, in the essence of transparency (being real with you guys is important to me!) I wanted to first share with you my initial feelings about this. I think it’s worth sharing because I know I am not the only one who has been skeptical about something new, before learning about the potential it can have! In the world of media, we are frequently offered false promises with fine print that come back to bite us, so naturally some of us are more skeptical when it comes to huge cost saving propositions, so it only felt like it made sense to share this part with you too!

Once I was shown how to use it, I was curious and excited to try it out!

So here’s how this played out.

I was introduced to this savings app from a close friend of mine- and though I typically am always easily influenced by trusted friends, I was unsure that I wanted to download another app to purchase things from. It was a local app she had been using to get GREAT savings on clean food, clean living and household products. After a bit of resistance, I finally got her to show me how the app worked on her phone before I signed up for it myself. Once she did that, I was curious and excited to try it out!

Fast forward to when I received my first order (which was paper towels along with school snacks for Clara), I was hooked!


Now let’s get into what this great resource is! It’s called Shop Together! Essentially, when you download the app you have access to the opportunity to eat clean, eat well, for a fraction of the cost of what things would typically cost otherwise. The way you do this is through group buying. Whether you are joining a group that’s already made, or whether you share the link with your friends, that is how you get the discounted rate. Not only that, but as much as possible they try to offer mostly local products, so you are also supporting the greater community!

In addition to that, Shop Together is really striving for a social movement of friends buying together. So, if you see a deal that you think your friends would enjoy, you’re encouraged to start your own buying group by sending them the link to purchase along with you! It’s a great way to share products with your networks. Creating a group is very simple too, all you do is click the create group button and then you will send the copied link via text message or social media to your friends! I tell you, when I find a good deal, I usually can’t wait to share it! ( Full disclosure, I just got 12 dish and kitchen sponges for $1.99!)

What kind of discounts you ask? Products are anywhere from 25-85% off depending on the day. Anything ranging from nuts and seeds, to oats, protein/granola bars, snack alternatives, and much more! And that’s just the clean eating section!

You know I am a HUGE advocate for not only eating well, but also living free of the idea that living in restriction is going to get you to where you want to be- so having health conscious snacks and regular foods that you enjoy on hand is key, and something I encourage!

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend you explore using this app as part of your weekly “grocery-ing”.


Recently, I stocked up on a package of prunes (to keep the family regular and full of fiber!), an instant raw cocoa oats blend with millet, amaranth and walnuts for breakfast ( my kid loves oatmeal), and a delicious snack of dark chocolate covered acai and blueberries. Honestly, these options are just the beginning! They’ve got big bags of quinoa and hemp seeds too!

I should mention, currently this app is ONLY available for all my Ontario friends! Though based in Waterloo Region, they can ship anywhere within Ontario and the package will arrive at your door within a week of ordering. Oh, and speaking of shipping, you only pay a small fee of .49 cents per item right now- it’s very affordable!

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend you explore using this app as part of your weekly “grocery-ing”.

The easiest way to use it and what find works best for me is when I am out of things, or if I am adding them to my grocery list, I will pull open the app, and check it out to see if there’s anything I can get through there to save money, as well as if there is anything I come across to inspire my planning for the next week.

And tah dah, more money saved for really important things… like more active wear, of course!

Hugs and Kisses,


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