I have always had a passion for health and fitness and living well and am currently working towards a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching certification! 

Before having my daughter in the summer of 2015 I had been on a long journey that led me to losing over 50 pounds and completely changing my life around. There was a long period- while adjusting to being a new mom and realizing what my body had become that I slipped into a big slump, and wasn’t sure I would ever get back to where I was before.

With 2017 just around the corner, and me being ready to make a change, I decided that 2017 was going to be my year. I embarked on a 90 day challenge, one workout a day, fit test, weigh ins, mindful nutrition, the whole bit! Near the beginning of the challenge, I thought how motivating would it be to be able to encourage others and help them to succeed in this challenge. I knew that by doing this, it would also keep me motivated so I started a Facebook group. We successfully completed the challenge together. And through that process I learned a lot about myself.

I already knew that fitness and nutrition were important to me, and I was glad to have those things back and apart of my life… but it became about something bigger. I learned that through motivating others by sharing, and helping other people succeed, it encouraged me to stay to track in my own life. That the journey to feeling good in your own skin and feeling happy is not just about losing weight (although, it definitely is about that too). It is more than that. It’s about having a healthy relationship with food, it’s about loving yourself and wanting to nourish it with wholesome foods, healthy foods. It’s about being happy in your commitment to yourself, pushing yourself to be better, doing things that scare you, and not letting excuses ruin your progress. It’s about setting an example for my daughter that this lifestyle is about being strong, and confident and taking care of this one body that we get. By getting my family involved in the journey it helps with the success. It’s COMPLETELY about balance- being dedicated and focused, but allowing yourself grace, and indulgences (in moderation!)…. it’s about living and being mindful in every aspect of your life!

Let’s be real, thinking about incorporating all this mindfulness, and all these factors- is overwhelming. Life gets in the way, we all have the best of intentions, but sometimes we fall off track and we lose sight of the end goals. It had been too big for me to even think about. I finally feel like I have a strong and healthy grip on all of these things, and I want to share that with you by sharing my life! Sharing how I live my life full of balance and bliss!