I am currently exploring and working towards a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach Certification. Having this professional certificate will help to broaden my already present and extensive knowledge base regarding the relationship between food and movement for a healthy life. Expanding the knowledge about holistic foods and the positive impacts they can have on your body, but also your mind. Seeing food as fuel and not always about comfort and listening to your body and knowing what it needs. Also, how important fitness and exercise is for your body, mind and spirit!


While working towards this, I don’t want to wait to share my knowledge and help people make positive changes in their lives. So I have created this accountability page. I am committed to not only making these changes in my life- but I want to help others reach the level of balance and happiness within themselves that they want!

If you are looking for someone to get you on track, keep you accountable and possibly provide you with tools, drop me a line and we can have a chat!


20731223_10211313221043758_142505149_nMeet Lindsay!

“I met Andrea online when I was looking for an accountability group for a 90 day challenge. I was starting my fitness journey alone and knew I would need some help if I was going to actually reach my goals. She took me in and I am so glad she did! Andrea has helped me see not only the importance of healthy nutrition, but also that eating clean and finding good fuel for my body doesn’t have to be so daunting. She helped me create an attainable meal plan to start me out and has helped me modify as I continue my journey. It really helped having a third (and fourth ) eye when looking at my daily nutrition. I am so thankful I found such great support through her. The journey towards be fit and healthy is one best traveled with friends”