Holistic Health Coaching

We all need a little help at times reaching our goals. Holistic Health Coaching is provided to you in many different ways to tackle a variety of aspects in your life. Truth is, they are all apart of an contributing factors to your overall wellness! I work with you to examine each part as you see fit and suggest a variety of treatment options.

Nutrition Consultation/Initial Assessment  60 minutes -$125/ 30 minutes $75

I will provide you with a comprehensive assessment form to complete prior to our meeting. In addition you will be required to complete at 4 day food log and submit. During our meeting I will review the assessment form and food log with you and further determine what your goals are. I will provide you with recommendations to implement and further direct you to the best plan for you.

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Meal Plans $75/per week

Meal planning and meal prepping is more than half the battle when you are trying to stick to proper nutrition and lose weight. That’s why I designed this FREE (yes, I said free!) 3 Day Meal Plan that you can download and use as part of your journey.

If you want a more customized meal plan built for you,  I would be happy to work with you to build something for your needs.

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Balance + Bliss 3 Day Meal Plan