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Toddler Essential Oils: Our Go Tos

Essential oils have changed how we approach wellness in our home, and with my daughter, there is no exception. As a 3 year old who is constantly absorbing what is going on around her, and is always wanting to learn, I have enjoyed getting to share these tools and this experience with her, and her being able to reap the benefits as well.

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Don’t throw all your hard work away on vaca!

Vacation is to most people an escape from the responsibilities and the routines of everyday life. It is a chance to wind down, leave behind all the expectations and just focus on you. Unfortunately for most people, and this was me too, that included eating often, eating whatever you want and just accepting that you will worry about the impact of those decisions for your health or your journey when you come back. I challenged myself this time away, to not use it as an excuse to consume anything that I want, things that I normally wouldn’t eat, just because I am on holidays.

My family and I just got back from a one week vacation off the grid up at a cottage in the Muskokas.

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