6 Fitness Tips

Staying active, consistently, is something we can struggle with. It can be the easiest thing to push aside when life gets busy, I know I am guilty of that at times. I put together this post to inspire you to put more focus on your fitness and help motivate you to reach your goals! Moving your body and being active is a form of self care, and I want you to take care of yourself, so read on and hopefully this help you to start this week!

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Exercise: Your Perception of it Says it All!

How many of you scroll through social media and see women crushing their workouts, day after day and it makes you think “I wish I was motivated like they are to workout”? “They make it look so easy”, “I wish I could do that too”. Well, I am here to tell you you can! It’s all in the way you perceive it.

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Brand Ambassador

Hey Guys!

If you have been following my blog for a while then it is no secret to you that I am known to have a little bit of an …interest we will say, in active wear. If you read my post on sweatin’ in cute workout clothes then you will know I also am a huge believer that when you feel good in what you are wearing, you are more motivated to be active!

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