20731223_10211313221043758_142505149_n “I met Andrea online when I was looking for an accountability group for a 90 day challenge. I was starting my fitness journey alone and knew I would need some help if I was going to actually reach my goals. She took me in and I am so glad she did! Andrea has helped me see not only the importance of healthy nutrition, but also that eating clean and finding good fuel for my body doesn’t have to be so daunting. She helped me create an attainable meal plan to start me out and has helped me modify as I continue my journey. It really helped having a third (and fourth ) eye when looking at my daily nutrition. I am so thankful I found such great support through her. The journey towards be fit and healthy is one best traveled with friends”


“I23157553_10100407781028257_167490080_o have known Andrea for many years now, and she has been a huge support in my weight loss journey. I have struggled for years with my weight and have had huge successes and equally as huge set backs. Andrea has shown me that that’s ok, she has helped me develop a fitness goal and a plan in order to accomplish it. I am the type of person who needs that push and yes a check in every once in a while, so it is nice to know someone is there to give me that. Through reading Andreas blog, following her Instagram or through conversation I have learned FINALLY it’s not about my weight but how I feel in my own skin no matter what size that may be. I can honestly say that is priceless. It is nice to see someone so passionate about developing a healthy lifestyle and want to share that with others. Andrea definitely helps me stay motivated and on the right track. I can do this!”

Yesenia“Not feeling good about oneself and not being sure where to start can be very lonely. There is so much information out there, it can be so overwhelming to know where to start, what books to read or even who to ask for help. Luckily, over the last year, Andrea has been a constant support introducing me to new fitness programs, sharing her knowledge and helping me understand that healthy eating does not need to be complicated or boring. All it requires is consistency, dedication and preparation. The biggest takeaway has been that small changes lead to be big changes.

I was also part of Andrea’s 90 day challenge online support group. Being part of this group was a great experience because my fellow group members and especially Andrea made me feel that I am not alone in my journey. Andrea was very supportive and constantly provided guidance and words of encouragement.  It was great to be part of something bigger than me and to be part of a platform where women build each other up. Andrea is compassionate, caring and a great listeners. She is also very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams.”